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LSM Agency - providing better value and better protection for the things in life that matter most.

About LSM Agency


LSM Agency's Founder, Saul Trevino, has been providing top-quality insurance products and customer service since 2006. Using the last of they family's savings to acquire his first license, support from his wife, Alma, was a HUGE part of becoming successful.   Now, 14 years later, Mr. Trevino is one of the best in the business.  Helping young families protect their most important assets and find financial freedom is a passion that has helped Saul to sustain a successful book of business and help support new agents with the tools they need to succeed.  Saul has built a leadership team that's second to none, and we're proud to continue to provide the best service possible to our clients.

Meet The Team

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Kimberly C.

Meet Kim, a spirited Texas Tech Alum whose heart beats for sports, travel, and family. From cheering on the Red Raiders with unmatched fervor to exploring the world's wonders, Kim's journey is a tapestry of passion and adventure. Yet, amidst the roar of the crowd and the thrill of new horizons, family remains at the core. In Kim's world, the game of life is all about balance, where every moment, whether on the field, in a new city, or surrounded by loved ones, is embraced with open arms and an unwavering spirit.

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Elizabeth S.

Elizabeth is an outgoing “people person” and loves working with customers and team members. She is a former Biology teacher (at both public school and university-levels) and is “reinventing herself” with her work at LSM. Elizabeth approaches her days with an attitude of gratitude and strives daily to become a better Christian. She is also an entrepreneur with a successful quilt making business. She teaches classes and private lessons to help people learn how to use their sewing machines. As an eternal student, Elizabeth is always learning something new. She enjoys birdwatching and is also an avid dog-lover. If you ever need a hug, a smile, or a word of encouragement, Elizabeth is your go-to person!


Krystal A.

Krystal is the proud parent of 3 outstanding kiddos. In their spare time they enjoy traveling and volunteering with their church group St Veronica's Ministry. Krystal has been in the insurance business for the last 7 years. While in the industry she has played several roles including, sales, recruiting, trainer, administrator and now our Home Auto and commercial specialist. Krystal loves her job because it gives her the opportunity to meet people of all walks of life.

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Renae Q.

Meet Renae  a devoted mom of two boys, Noah and Jaxon. On weekends, she's their spirited cheerleader, capturing every moment from the stands. In her free time, Renae indulges in a passion for shopping, effortlessly blending the latest trends with timeless classics. Pink is her signature color, reflecting her vibrant personality that adds warmth and charm to every facet of her life. Join Renae on a journey where motherhood, style, and a love for pink come together in a beautiful symphony.

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Sandra A.

Meet Sandra, a remarkable individual who wears the titles of Grandmother of 8 and Mother of 4 with pride and grace. With a heart full of warmth and a spirit of dedication, she brings a unique touch to our team.

Her personal values reflect a deep commitment to ensuring that every customer has the best possible experience. Whether it's a friendly greeting, a helping hand, or going the extra mile, she approaches each day with the mantra, "Yes, I can make a difference to my team and our customers."

Beyond her roles as a family matriarch, she is a key player in fostering a positive and impactful environment. With a wealth of life experiences and a genuine desire to create meaningful connections, she embodies the spirit of service that sets our team apart. Join us in celebrating Sandra as she continues to make a positive impact on both our team and the customers we serve.


Alma Trevino

Alma is addicted to Coffee, movie quotes and plants she can neglect!  She is a mother of 3, and married to the most amazing man for 13yrs (Hint: it's Saul). She's a gypsy soul on a tight schedule. Alma loves to be involved in anything her kids decide to do, and she raised a family who loves Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Godzilla but always remembers to put God first. Alma believes that you should always say bless you, offer your seat to an elder, that please and thank you never go out of style, being afraid is good, but Hot Coffee is better. And Yes, God is always working.  


Saul Trevino

Saul is married to Alma, enjoys spending time with their three children, and has been in the insurance business since 2007.  Over the years he's received numerous awards for his outstanding service.  He's a two-time recipient of the Industry-wide Million Dollar Round Table Provider award.  The main reason for Saul's success is that it's based in service - he's passionate about helping others, and has built a fulfilling career by centering this passion on people's financial and insurance needs.

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